the team

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We are a dedicated and passionate engineering family. We aim to support and guide one another through each task that every new and unique projects presents to us. The breadth of experience among our senior staff is complimented by the enthusiasm and innovation of our graduates and engineers which helps us to meet any challenge that arises. Our office is a relaxed and comfortable environment which provides the platform for our team to flourish and explore their potential.

  • David Dexter
  • Evette Morrison
  • Steve Heard
  • James Packer
  • Alan Gilbertson
  • Gavin Sayers
  • Tom Grantham
  • Jo Smith
  • Magdalini Christia
  • James Matthew
  • Alex Symes
  • Denise Fung
  • Thomas Moll
  • Reg Allen
  • Matteo Copellini
  • David McLaughlan
  • John Massey